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Journey to Space: Summer 2020

Journey to Space

While you Are at home!

To continue our conversations about the Solar System, I have put together some Space themed activities for you to choose from. Pick one a day, or do the ones you like. No pressure, have fun & enjoy!

Explore the Kennedy Space Center in this exclusive video from Studies Weekly.

Journey to the Edge of Space with a 360 view!

Exploring Space Websites

(May work better on a computer)

Click on the picture for the link

Five things to know about InSight's Mars Landing. We have discussed about creating a "Space Lander." This website gives a great explanation on how they created the Mars Lander!

NASA Space Place. A great website to explore Earth and Space! Lots to watch, read about and play with!

Why is Mars Red?

Visit Mystery Doug to participate in an interactive presentation to find out why Mars is red!

Access Mars

An online Virtual Reality experience that shows you how NASA recorded the real surface of Mars!

NASA Solar System Exploration

Information about the planets in our Solar System. The coolest part is the interactive Solar System Map!

National Geographic: Facts About the Moon!

3D Virtual Tours

Utilize Flash Player

Moon 3D Virtual Tour

Earth 3D Virtual Tour

Int. Space Station 3D Virtual Tour

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